We give our all. Excuses don’t win championships
The product & engineering process
At Tiger Facility Services we do not only build a company, we build careers. You have the opportunity to take responsibility for tasks and projects, and through that engagement get the chance to develop your skills and to extend your passion.
Flexibility to react to changing requirements
Given the novel nature of our service and our platform, the ability to react quickly to changing requirements is absolute key. Through rapid iterations and a short time from inception to production, we ensure that, while working to complete the product roadmap, we are able to change a feature while it is being developed but are also able to complete small fixes and updates while only briefly interrupting the regular development schedule.
Rapid speed of iteration
Product management, engineering, and the relevant stakeholders work together closely to get features live as fast as possible to then iterate on those features to achieve the ideal product in a short amount of time. We believe in real customer feedback over theoretical requirement specifications.
Short time to production
We break down complex features into phases worth a few days of work in order to get a feature live/into production as soon as possible. We believe that a good feature, that provides value early on, is better than a perfect feature that takes twice as long to develop than planned.
Radical agility
We believe by working in small teams and living radical agility. Our product and engineering methodology is built on trust and powered by an cloud based architecture that lets us move fast as possible while keeping complexity low.
Team Structure
We are following a structure that allows us to stay lean and efficient without losing our pace at any time. The team consists of domain experts (e.g. UI/UX Design or Salesforce Architecture) which allows us to develop multiple features at the same time. In addition, we are always able to set up a project team for special requests while we can operate alongside the roadmap.

Every team member is well versed in at least two fields of expertise (for example, although our Frontend developers are specialists in their area, they have enough technical skills and platform understanding to take over backend tasks). Therefore, each member can take over responsibilities of other members within its area of expertise but also of members of other areas if needed. This not only prevents shortage in the case of sickness or holidays but also gives us a great degree of freedom on resource allocation based on the necessity.
Learning never stops. Enhance your skills, gain knowledge to build your career at Tiger Facility Services
Continuous innovation
We reserve extra time to evaluate the latest technologies, revamp development processes, and have business-driven fun projects.
Challenge accepted
We appreciate competition and we accept every challenge. We praise every battle!
Make facility services a great experience through our technology platform
Customer Applications
Customer applications are designed as centralized one-stop interface allowing customers to book and manage their service at anytime.
The Platform
The platform is managing the customers’ service requests by matching them with our partner network. Our platform architecture enables seamless digital processes to provide a great customer experience.
Partner Applications
Partner applications enable our partner companies to manage their entire workforce and customers within our partner account interface.
Our tech stack
To change the way the industry works is what motivates us to build innovative products.
Our ambition is to develop products that fit the needs of customers or partners. We concentrate to develop by using the latest technology, however we always keep the companies vision and business targets in our mind. We believe, that the best innovation comes with success.
Problems and challenges we face in our everyday work define how we do our research. We enable our employees to exchange knowledge proactive and allow them to research in topics they are interested. On regular basis we research latest trends in technology.

We reserve extra time to evaluate latest technologies, revamp development processes and have business-driven fun projects. We join exciting industry events,, learn about the latest trends and try to meet the leaders in tech.

We’re excited about to research and think about the future and how Tiger Facility Services can grow further based on the efforts in this area.
Space for creativity
Fostering an innovative attitude is a key element in what sets Tiger Facility Services apart from our competitors. Besides giving our people autonomy and freedom, we also have initiated extra projects that aim to keep creativity and idea flow on the highest possible level.

Two years ago, we kick-started „Doathon“, where we come together to push a feature within 24h hours from ideation to production. The vibe created during these events has led to many ideas that we developed at later stage.

We never stop and will continue to kick-start more innovative events over the next months and years.
Our values
We grow fast and so do our people
Work hard, live easy
Join the winning team
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