At Tiger Facility Services, we believe in the people. We value the unique backgrounds and experiences everyone brings. We are committed to invest in the future, to build careers. We want everybody to realize their full potential. We are looking for sharp and switched-on persons, that like to have fun at work. At Tiger Facility Services, we are committed to create workplace where people can be creative so their ideas help to fuel our vision.
Claude Ritter
Co-founder & CEO
We love diversity
People from over 15 countries united in one goal
No matter where we come from, the love of technology and startups unites us. Tiger Facility Services unites diverse people, cultures and ideas. Bringing all ideas together, we scale our impact as innovator in the facility services industry.

Our future is not designed yet. Today, in 2018, we are even more hungry than before and with the people working for us, we are innovative enough to change the status quo. Creativity fuels our culture.
Our Value stack
We value precision and accuracy. We are resourceful and think outside the box. We strive to offer the most seamless experience possible for both customers and professionals.
Honesty, reliability and transparency are traits that we exhibit both internally, in the way we work together, as well as externally, in the way we treat professionals and customers.
We make informed decisions based on facts, not speculation. We believe that data and common sense are the essential ingredients needed to execute strategies and evaluate results.
We are funny, edgy and do not take ourselves too seriously. We are free spirits with a tigerish attitude, we favour action and will never give up.
Work hard, live easy
We grow fast and so do our people
Big ideas need a platform
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