Our Quality

The Tiger Facility Services quality promise for business customers


Regular training of the cleaners

Quality processes

Standards processes guarantee the highest quality

Quality measurement

Quality criterias are regularly updated

Tiger Facility Services training

Our cleaners receive a special training. They learn how to clean a residential space and how to deal with various detergents. They also receive numerous tips through the App while on assignment.

Digital & customer-oriented quality processes

Tiger Facility Services cleaners use their Professional App. We meet the expectations of our customers thanks to the combination of innovative software and structured processes.

We invest in our people

Professional. Innovative. Unique.

The Tiger Facility Services cleaning

We stand for quality and expertise. Our services include:

Additional services with Tiger Facility Services

Did you know that Tiger Facility Services also provides extra services on top of the usual maintenance cleaning? From window cleaning to electrician or plumbery works – Tiger Facility Services is the provider for any service around your office building.

Carpet cleaning

Window cleaning