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The Tiger Facility Services cleaning at a monthly fixed price. No hidden costs


Business cleaning in the digital era

Tailored cleaning from professional to professional: we combine our expertise with innovative software to ensure a customer oriented and sustainable service.

Individual cleaning based on your requirements

This is how Tiger Facility Services works

Tiger Facility Services is a trustful partner for us. We operate multiple objects and offices in Berlin, and thanks to the digital customer account, I have all services, cleaning plans and costs centralized. With the app I can message the workforce on the ground to leave instructions on a short-notice.

Tech Entrepreneur based in Berlin

Customer review:

~1.500 m2

~ 100 employees

30x office rooms

3x kitchen

6x restrooms


Hygiene products

3x / week

Interior cleaning

1.500 per month

Tiger Facility Services Price

ca. 100 employees, 30x office rooms, 3x kitchens, 6x restrooms

Extra: Hygiene Products

Simple booking overview:

You can easily manage your cleaning bookings in your customer account.

Detailed facility information:

Before and during the cleaning, our cleaners can access information on the cleaning plan, premises or building.

Performance monitoring via smartphone:

Our cleaners use their app to document their working hours and identify optimization opportunities together with us.

Messenger - In test stage:

Some cleaners can communicate with the customer directly via the app so short notice requirements can be taken into account.

Digital questionnaire for quality assurance:

A clear questionnaire guides our employees through the cleaning plan agreed with the customer.

Additional services

Our cleaning staff can perform various services which are not necessarily included in the basic package. If you have specific requests please contact our customer service. Example of extra service: monthly cleaning of the refrigerators.


Washing machine

Cleaning utensils

Hygiene products


Washing machine

Cleaning utensils

Hygiene products

Additional services with Tiger Facility Services

Did you know that Tiger Facility Services also provides extra services on top of the usual maintenance cleaning? From window cleaning to electrician or plumbery works – Tiger Facility Services is the provider for any service around your office building.

Carpet cleaning

Window cleaning