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We combine cleaning expertise (DIN, ISO) with innovative software to offer a sustainable and customer-oriented cleaning service throughout Germany. More than 1000 companies of all sizes trust our service on a regular basis.

Unfortunately with other companies it wasn't possible to check what the cleaners were doing. In a large office you can't always keep up with everything, but you want the work you've paid for to be done. With Tiger Facility Services, this works very well: In the app you can save all the to-dos, and the cleaner has an overview of what has to be done, when it has to be done, and can check them off.

Office Manager located in Munich

The story

The challenges of running a large office

What do you do and how many employees work in your office?

We are a call centre. Approx. 100 people work for us, mainly in open-plan offices.

What is most important for so many people to be able to get along and feel good together?

There is always a certain amount of stress when working in the open-plan office. We try to minimise this as much as possible, because employees only work well when they're relaxed. In addition to free water, tea and coffee, we also offer fresh fruit and vegetables. This is one form of recognition that our employees appreciate. We have a quiet room where employees can also rest in for 10 minutes, particularly if they have just dealt with a very stressful caller. A generally pleasant working environment also helps a lot: green plants, a few pictures and beanbags are some of the ways we try to make it a bit more pleasant.

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Tiger Facility Services

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Additional services

Our cleaning staff can perform various services which are not necessarily included in the basic package. If you have specific requests please contact our customer service. Example of extra service: monthly cleaning of the refrigerators.



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