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We combine cleaning expertise (DIN, ISO) with innovative software to offer a sustainable and customer-oriented cleaning service throughout Germany. More than 1000 companies of all sizes trust our service on a regular basis.

We need a cleaning service which is absolutely reliable and thorough. With Tiger Facility Services this works wonderfully. Thanks to the documentation in the app, all cleaning appointments can be checked, in compliance with our quality standards. Even if a replacement cleaner comes, he/she immediately knows what needs to be done.

Clinic manager (Stuttgart)

The story

Peek inside a medical practice

What kind of practice do you have and how long has it been around?

We are an ENT practice with 2 doctors and 4 medical specialists or assistants. In March 2018 we will be celebrating our 20th anniversary. Many of our patients have been visiting us since 1998, some of them now also come with their children.

What special challenges do you face in your everyday work at the practice?

We all love our job. We deal with a wide range of different people, from young to old, with different problems and it's great to be able to help people. Unfortunately there's always a lot to do and we have to make sure that we have enough time for our patients. On top of the actual examination by the doctor, we also do hearings tests, tests of balance and allergy tests. All of this takes time and a calm approach, which we make sure we take. However, the invoicing and paperwork which come afterwards can often be quite nerve-wracking and ruin the odd evening at home.

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Additional services

Our cleaning staff can perform various services which are not necessarily included in the basic package. If you have specific requests please contact our customer service. Example of extra service: monthly cleaning of the refrigerators.



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