Our benefits

The benefits of Tiger Facility Services for small and mid size businesses

Your Tiger Facility Services customer account

Always available, on mobile and desktop.

Our Benefits at a glance

Modern Technology

Customer and employees both have their app.

Secure & Reliable

Our insurance covers up to 3.000.000 € per claim.

Certified Partner

Our partner for cleaning material is ISO certified.

Employed Cleaners

Our cleaners are employed and socially insured. We pay them above the minimum wage.


Our employees learn hygiene standards, such as the 4-color system.


Over 1000 satisfied customers. References available on request.

Full Service

Our range of services goes from cleaning to facility management.


Expert board composed of former industry executives.


Registered member of the Berlin chamber of commerce.

From Business to Business

The Tiger Facility Services Cleaning

Customer Reviews

Dialogtage Ernährungswissenschaft

With your energetic support and expertise, you and your team contributed significantly to the successful organization of the event.

Nicole Bayrak, Berlinfive GmbH

We are really happy with the execution and quality of the cleaning. Reliability was an issue with our previous partners, which means that we are very happy of the current situation with Tiger Facility Services.

Tech Entrepreneur based in Berlin

Tiger Facility Services is a trustful partner for us. We operate multiple objects and offices in Berlin and thanks to the digital customer account I have all services, cleaning plans and invoices centralized. With the app, I can message the workforce on the ground to leave instructions on a short-notice.

We invest in the German market

We combine cleaning expertise with modern software to provide customers throughout Europe with an innovative, sustainable and customer-oriented cleaning service. It is in our DNA to support others in their success story and simple processes — customers who book on our website, partners using our cloud services and our employees working with the Tiger Facility Services software. All these activities and inventions lead to new jobs and sustainable growth.